Online basic daily training

How it works

Online personal training will give you the ability to follow the right steps by yourself but still have access to master Mighali every step of the way

We will practice all together and you can choose when you would like to join us

Choose the package on the registration page

As soon as the procedure is complete, you will receive the whole details via email, including the link to book your place for the live-streaming online training via Zoom

Advantages and Benefits

☑ Access to the live streaming training: practice in the comfort of your favorite private space: you can choose wherever it is most convenient for you to practice

☑ Master Mighali will be online to train with you and he will be guiding you during and after the training

☑ After 12 sessions of online training, you will get access to our worldwide community on Facebook: you can communicate directly with master Mighali, participate in ongoing discussions or create new ones, meet new people from our community in your area to practice together

☑ 24/7 Email Support


Dec 07 2022


China time
20:00 - 20:30

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