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On-line basic daily training

Online personal training will give you the ability to follow the right steps by yourself but still have access to master Mighali every step of the way.

We will practice all together and you can choose when you would like to join us.

Click here to know everything you need about our daily training.

From Monday to Friday:
8 pm China time (Check your time zone here)
Duration, 30 minutes

We are using Zoom. It’s available on PC and phone. You can read more info and download the app on its website.

Who can join?
Absolutely everybody can join our training.

English, Italian, French, Chinese

How this works:
Book your place for one live-streaming online class via Zoom, it costs only 3 euro.
After booking, you will receive the link and password for the Zoom meeting via email.

If it’s your first time here, please specify your location and your language preference.

Do you have a Gift Voucher? Don’t forget to fill it out during the payment process.

Advantages and Benefits

☑ Access to the live streaming training: practice in the comfort of your favorite private space: you can choose wherever it is most convenient for you to practice

☑ Master Mighali will be online to train with you and he will be guiding you during and after the training

☑ After 16 times of online training, you will get access to our worldwide community on Facebook: you can communicate directly with master Mighali, participate in ongoing discussions or create new ones, meet new people from our community in your area to practice together

☑ 24/7 Email Support

Any question?

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. Viviana Viviana

    Da quando é iniziata l’emergenza sanitaria in Italia ho cercato qualcosa che mi impegnasse a livello fisico ma soprattutto a livello mentale……e nonostante fosse una pratica online (in cui credevo poco) ho voluto comunque provare……… E oggi, dopo 2 mesi di pratica giornaliera online, mi trovo all’interno di un bellissimo gruppo di persone che condivide la stessa passione per questa meravigliosa arte marziale tradizionale cinese, che non fa bene solo al corpo estetico ma anche all’anima.

  2. Seda Seda

    Her gün bedenimin ve zihnimin harekete geçmesini sağlayan böylesine keyifli bir pratik ortamını yarattığı için hocamız Giuseppe’ye teşekkür ediyorum. Binlerce yıl öncesinden gelen bu uzakdoğu dövüş sanatı içinde farklı farklı çok derin katmanlar içeriyor. Siz bir parçası olduktan sonra sizi geçmişle bugüne ve yarına aynı anda bağlayan bu kadim öğretinin, kendisiyle tanışmak isteyenleri beklediğinden emin olabilirsiniz.

  3. Andrea Spano Andrea Spano

    Su suggerimento di un amico decido di provare, l’esperienza di allenarmi online. Abituato a praticare in palestra mi sentivo un pesce fuor d’acqua, ma come in molte situazioni negative, c’è sempre il positivo. Così da una pratica giornaliera di 30 minuti ho potuto migliorare le mie prestazioni, essendo una cintura nera di arti marziali e conoscere delle fantastiche persone che condividono questo mondo meraviglioso.

  4. Naïs Naïs

    Depuis le covid, Giuseppe propose des sessions quotidiennes de 30 minutes sur Zoom à 14h heure française (20h heure chinoise). Ça m’a donné l’occasion de m’y remettre, moi qui n’en avais pas fait depuis mon échange à Pékin en 2014… N’hésitez pas à tenter l’expérience si vous voulez pratiquer une activité quotidienne bonne pour le corps et l’esprit !

  5. Clair Figueroa Clair Figueroa

    Great exercise and training from the comfort of my home. I feel strong, powerful and focused after my 30 minute class with Giuseppe. He is a warm, caring teacher and will push me to improve my stances and continue practicing. I believe I have improved a lot since I began training in March and I plan to continue, it is addicting!

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